Thursday, April 24, 2008


Setting: A small city in Idaho. The weather is dull. Rainy. And when it isn't raining it's cloudy. And it if isn't cloudy, it's cold. Are we aware that it's April?

Characters: God, Samantha Marie, Daddy & Mommy, Casey (best friend), Rebecca (best friend), David (best friend and date to prom), Michael (friend), Jaymi (friend that doesn't live here), dream boy (I'll explain later), and work people.

Premise: An average girl, with an ABOVE-average Father. She leans on Him for all understanding (sometimes, well often, failing but He always picks her back up off the floor.) Trying to make it through her last month of high school, Samantha is going crazy. She has finals to study for, prom plans to make, family and friends that want to spend time with her, and all she desires to do is spend time in the presence of God and read and write. Senioritis at its best. Will she get those graduation announcements finished? Will prom be a super-fun night? Will work pay the bills? Will she remember to always put God first?

Conflict: She feels stressed out with all that must be accomplished. She needs to prioritize but is feeling abundantly lazy. With all that she has going on, her flesh is pulling her in the direction of this boy that has come into her place of work twice and that she has seen at his place of work one time. She has even dreamed about the boy (hence "dream boy"). She doesn't want to think about him, because he's only a distraction. (Did she mention that she doesn't even know his name?)

Resolution: Stay tuned to find out what happens!!


graffitigirl said...

Haha, I love this perspective! It's great. I'm definitely staying tuned. You could write a book.

I've caught up on all your blogs (read the comments) and finished the blog that I shamefully didn't finish at first. I really want to get a chance to write some more and let you know what's going on in my life. But in short it's still pretty hectic. I am going to make an effort to find time to write something new soon - but no promises!

Love you

Esther said...

Which small town in Idaho? My eldest sister is at Uni in Moscow, Idaho.

Dragonflysoul said...

i love this Sami!

i'm anxiously waiting the Resolution.

sounds like someone has a little crush :-) awesome. though i understand that with so much going on in your life, mind and heart, having dream boy on your mind (and dreams) may feel like it's too much. i pray that you can enjoy the distraction without it being a distraction :-)

you're in my prayers huh. all of the hecticness will subside and peace is coming.

Northwest Dweller... said...

Hey Samantha! Great blog post. I'll be praying for you that you can keep your focus on Christ!!


Northwest Dweller... said...

Oh wait, do you go by Samantha, or Sami???

SamanthaMarie said...

@gg :D
I responded to all your comments (thanks for leaving your thoughts on all of my blogs!) on your blog :D I'm glad you were able to get on!!

@esther :)
I live in Lewiston, which is actually only 1/2 hour away from there. I thought about going to college, but it was still too close to home. I really want to spread my wings and fly ;)

Tehe! Yes, it is a bit of a crush. But since I have so much going on and will be moving in less than four months, I doubt much will come from it. It's still fun tho :D Thanks for your prayers, I appreciate them sooo much!

@Brooke :)
Thank you for the prayers Brooke! I believe so much in the power of prayer so it means a lot when I have other sisters in Christ praying for me. You can call me Samantha or Sami :) I respond to both! :D