Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm hungy

Not that my hunger is really... pivotal to this post, I just thought I would share something random :)

I'm home sick today from school. I think I feel so horrid because of just plain being exhausted. I haven't been getting much sleep this week, for obvious reasons, and I think my body finally gave up on me. It was nice to sleep in and now I'm going to be able to do my homework that actually needs to get done, instead of listening to my teachers (no matter how interesting they are) talk about nothing really that important. YAY! -Victory dance-

I still have to go to work tonight :(

Hm. I'm trying really hard to press into God this week. I feel really distant, and kind of even angry. I don't know why. Well, I do know that it's a spiritual attack which is why I'm trying so hard to turn to God with everything, and it does help, but I am discouraged still. Satan just has these footholds in our lives and he holds on tight so that we can't do the work of God. But I just have to say "It isn't going to work little guy. You are NOTHING compared to God. You will not win." And that makes me feel a little better :)

I'm working on crocheting a blanket for my little one year old cousin, Claire. She's a CUTIE. When I get it finished (and that may take awhile!) I will post some pictures :) I want to finish it by this Sunday or the next that way I can give it to my aunt and uncle who live in a house behind us and they can give it to my cousin when they see her at church (we don't go to the same one.)

How have all of you been? Any prayer requests? I pray you all are well!! Take care!

With His Love,


graffitigirl said...

Do it! Seriously, go on a trip for God! There's nothing like it and there's no possible way it for it not to change your life.

I'm glad you liked my drawing, but if I were to make it a tattoo I don't think I'd have it written like that.

I do have a prayer request that's for my friend, not Larissa that I mentioned before but just someone else. If you could just pray that my relationship with her would get a whole whack of a lot better. God knows who she is and all the details. I'd tell you more about her and her story but it isn't mine and obviously we've never even met. (Although I love just being able to talk with you here). Is there anything I that pray for you specifically?

So I'm going to try and not be addicted to this computer for the next couple of days (friday and saturday) and get some real homework done and out of the way... I'll probably come back on here afterwards with a new blog and what not. If you catch me in the act of posting anything I give you permission to find a way to punch in the face. :) Later.

Dragonflysoul said...

yay, i'm glad you took a day off from school (NOT glad that you're not feeling well though). i took 2 days off work this week and it felt grrrrrrrrrrreat. i needed just what you're needing now - REST.

i so understand how you feel, feeling distant from God. it's weird how that feeling creeps in out of nowhere, where one day, you're "on fire" and the next, you suddenly feel cold and...distant. i encourage you to keep doing just what you're doing - speaking victory of satanic attacks and keeping near to God. it will pass!

can't wait to see your crocheted masterpiece :-) i keep telling myself i'm going to learn how to crochet and knit, but never get around to doing so.

Dragonflysoul said... that was supposed to read "speaking victory OVER satanic attacks". LOL, funny how one little typo totally changes context. this is why we should always proof before submitting comments. i'm all trigger happy with the "publish" button.

we definitely don't want victory "of" satan's attacks. sheesh

SamanthaMarie said...

@Dragonfly :)
I understand about not being completely comfortable with your past. My past wasn't too bad or anything, but sometimes I still have a hard time even thinking about it, let alone talking and telling other people.

HAHA! I would have known what you had meant otherwise, but yes it is quite entertaining how one little word can make or break your sentence.

Rest is sooo good. I'm thinking that's why God gave us Sunday, He does have it all figured out, but we just abuse Sunday as any other day. (Well, at least I do quite often.) If I really started to give that day to God, I think my health would improve overall an abundant amount. (Not to mention my relationship with God would too.)

You haven't updated in awhile, is everything going all right, besides the much needed rest? I hope so dear sister, if not let me know what I can be praying about!

Random thought... today is GORGEOUS here, how about for you? I am SO ready for this weather :)

Dragonflysoul said...

i absolutely adore your new profile pic!! (i could be biased though b/c i have kitties of my own :-)

thanks for asking and yes, i'm fine...i think, lol. i know i haven't posted in awhile. i'm feeling a little heart-heavy and i guess it's killing my desire to write. so yes, PLEASE pray for me! :-)

thank you in advance! and how are things with you?? did your day of rest help rejuvenate you? i hope so!