Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy April!

As I wrap up my first full month of blogging my heart is filled with peace. There is no other way to describe it. The weather, with all its ups and downs, certainly parallels my April. There were times of snow... times when I didn't think I was going to be able to get up for even one more day. There were times of rain, difficulties/struggles/nagging thoughts about school and other to-dos. And of course, my saving grace, were the sunshine days. Days where nothing got me down. No word or course of action could change the joy that I had in my heart.

It's interesting that we so much desire to be joyful all the time. We are called to "rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice" (Phil 4:4) This means that no matter what trials we may be facing, no matter what mountain we are climbing, no matter what valley we are walking through, we are called to find JOY in the Lord. Do not confuse this with happiness, for happiness is a fleeting feeling, while joy should be apart of who we are. We have been given the gift of salvation, God has a plan dear sisters! He will guide us through the hardships. He would never bring us this far to leave us. So let's rejoice. Let's dance and sing for our Father. Let's run and fly. Let us be bold. Let us DO HARD THINGS. I'm learning that when I push my doubts, insecurities, troubles, etc. to the side and focus on the people around me, or at the very least focus my attention on God, it doesn't seem all that bad. Perspective is a jewel. Figuring out what's really important, that's a diamond!
I'm learning that to be a woman of God I must be modest in so many more things than just my dress. I'm learning from you, my dear sisters, about ways to prepare for my future as a wife and mother (God willing.) You all have blessed me so much, you have no idea. Thank you for an amazing April. All of your blogs, all of your insights, all of your troubles and triumphs, they have helped me. As I've began to get to know each and every one of you I feel completely blessed to have this amazing tool, the internet. For without it, I wouldn't know any of you, not one. And some of you have become an important part to my life, so I thank you for your blogging friendship :) I thank you for your acceptance to the blog world. I thank you for your wisdom and most of all, for your prayers. You are all beautiful young women of God, and I can't wait to see where May takes all of us!!

Speaking of May... tomorrow (for me) is May 1st!! A mere hour and a half from now sparks the beginning of the National Day of Prayer. I will be praying for all of you :) I encourage you all to take the time out and pray, for five minutes or for five hours. Whatever you can manage. God calls us to prayer, it may be hard and not yet quite part of your routine, but man... is it worth it :) God is amazing my dear sisters, let us devote some of our time to Him, let us speak to Him and let us hear what He has to say back. Prayer is powerful!

I love you all and pray this post finds you in good health and spirits!!


graffitigirl said...

I want to thank you for even just being on here! You've made this whole thing mean so much more to me and it's really cool to have a friend like you on here, just sharing our hearts with each other and praying too. You definitely mean a bunch to me, (it's a good thing). The thing I probably like most about you is that, you love Jesus! So keep that up baby, clearly we have mutual feelings.

And I read some comment that you had written on someone else's blog somewhere that if you got really inconsistant with your blogging you'd just start a new one rather than explaining your absence, but don't ever do that. At least not with out telling me!

K well see ya

graffitigirl said...

Basically you pretty much beat me to writing this blog, I probably would have written something similar within a day or two if you hadn't...

The dominance thing, well I've always had kind of this interest in ambidextrousness and I been trying lately to write and draw more with my left and I've been using my mouse on the left my whole life.

I don't know if this is true for you or not but the time it says I post things is way off. Let's just say it makes me look like I'm blogging at reasonable hours but actually quite late right now!

Anyways, something just happened right now that I'd like to blog about before going to bed. I think I'll call it someone likes me pt. 2, so you know which one I'm talking about... :)

That's it, post more blogs!

Alyssa said...

My april has been a weather crazy, hectic and outragious month for me, but somehow I got through it. Thank you for your prayers, I have somehow made it through the rough patch with school. Now I just need to focus until the eng of the year.
I am truley inspired by how you are becoming such a woman of god. I respect thay imensly.
This tuesday I am writing my statements of faith for Confirmation class(my church does it pretty late into high school) and I am nervous how mine will turn out. I hope I know as much as I was taught when writing about god and my commintment to him. I will definetly be reflecting on your blog as inspiration.