Friday, March 28, 2008


So, we're leaving today, and I'm feeling much better. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!! It's VERY appreciated. It was doubtful whether we were going to go or not because the roads were kind of bad, but they look okay today.

I will respond to all your comments when I get back, sorry I haven't had time!! Take care everyone!! <3

With His Love,

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sick :(

I'm getting to be rather sick...

And it just so happens that on Friday I'm supposed to be driving for six hours.

I'd rather not get myself, and everyone else into a wreck, so if you could say a quick prayer for me, it would be VERY appreciated!

Work was fine, I was able to stay the whole time tonight. Turns out one of the employees is stealing though :( so now we are all in trouble until we "find the culprit." It makes me sad that one person can ruin it for everyone, but I also know that there has to be a bigger reason behind what they are doing, so I'm going to pray for whomever is wreaking this havoc.

School is really boring.
I knew I was going to get Senioritis, because quite frankly, I think I had it last year when I was still a Junior ;) but honestly. There are days I feel like getting up, literally running out of class, and driving off to an unknown destination, just to spice up my life a little bit. -Sigh- I know I need to respect the authorities, but public school is a killer. I'm really not sure if I will have my children go to public school. Perhaps my future husband and I will choose the route of home schooling, and I think that just might be a wiser choice.

Well, I should probably go get some more sleep (seems it's all I've been doing and I still don't sleep enough!) I pray that you all are doing well! If you have any prayer requests be sure to comment and I'll keep them in my prayers! :)

With His Love,

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Everyday Niceties

God led me to the perfect job four months ago, and I still marvel at His match.

Four months ago, I was nearing the end of my savings account. After not having a job for about three months, things were pretty tense around my household. My parents were worried I wasn't going to be able to continue paying my bills, plus they were a wee bit tired of my lazy bum sitting around the house doing nothing. (Not that I can blame them!) I began actively searching for a job at the end of October and gave the situation entirely to my Father in heaven. I knew with my previous two jobs I had gotten "all on my own" and hated them immensely. So, this time I made the heart decision to do it God's way. I've been happy with my job ever since :)

Today was another perfect reminder of how blessed I am to work at Staples. I was SICK. I don't know why, but I knew that at any moment I could barf and I had a massive headache. But I went into work anyway, because I feel guilty just thinking about calling in.

As soon as I walked in the door people were asking me what was wrong.
For an hour and a half they twisted my arm until I finally agreed to go home early. (:
These people care. It's truly amazing to me and I thank God daily for my job.

In retrospect I can look back on these past four months and actually SEE what happens when I trust God. Fantastic things happen :) I pray that I can continue to do His will instead of my own, because things work far much better when I go with God.

Anyone else ever had this epiphany?

Well, I'm off to bed to get some more sleep. I have tests tomorrow :( That I haven't studied for... oh dear, maybe that's why I'm sick! :P

In His Love,
Samantha! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

So... here's the awkward introduction thing...


Well, my name is Samantha. I <3 blogging. This probably stems from the fact that normally I have a hard time talking about myself and my life, but I find the words flow freely when I'm writing them or typing them.
I'm 18, a follower of Jesus Christ, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a cousin, a niece, a granddaughter, a student, a worker, an observer, a lover of the world. And if you care to know more, you can always ask (:

I use smilies, a lot.

Also, when talking about something that excites me, I've been known to use many exclamation marks!!

I'm free to run!
I'm free to dance!
I am FREE to LIVE for YOU!

And I love every minute of my life.

I dance to worship music, because it's a fun an intimate way to praise God.

I enjoy scrapbooking, crocheting, reading, card-making, writing, and other "nerdy" hobbies.

I love my family and my friends. Many of whom are not followers of Christ, but I hope to be a positive impact so that can change.

Road trips are love.

College is upon me.

I'm random!!!! :D


I suppose I should sign off now, and hit the hay. Until further notice, this has been Samantha, and I LOVE YOU!

-In His Love,