Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Joy in the face of adversity

Are you aware that no matter how happy you are, things can (and do tend) to go wrong? It's so true...

Sunday was another perfect day. Worship at church was soooo, refreshing and moving. I am not always able to focus on worship (bad Sami) but this past Sunday, I was really into it. It felt great to worship the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. The One that should have my praise and focus at all time. Yeah, it's great when we can give Him our small offering of praise and we can rest easy knowing that He enjoys it. The sermon was about how we need to watch our words and we can either give someone life with what we say or kill them (figuratively.) It's so true and something I've been trying to work on as well, God's timing is unmatchable.

Yesterday was pretty good, fairly busy at work, but a good day all in all.

Okay, now here comes the wrong. (And my disclaimer comes now, it really isn't a bad thing at all, which is another reason why I'm bothered so much.)
So, another new thing that God has placed on my heart to work on is to stop being so selfish. Selfish of my time, selfish with my money, selfish with possessions, and selfish with people. I was sure tested today. I'm going to prom with my best friend, David. We are doubling with my other best friend, Rebecca and her best guy friend, Jeffrey. A fun group, destined to have a good time. Or so I thought.
David went to the last dance with another close friend of his, Chelsea. Apparently, she asked him if her date and she could join us for dinner. BLARG. Should this bother me? No. Does it? Yes. Why? Because it's an attack of the enemy and a test. I need to not be selfish with PEOPLE. To be honest, my flesh DOESN'T want her to intrude on our cozy little group. -Sigh- I think God is showing me I have a long way to go. And I didn't pray about it like I should have when things went down and now I kind of made a mess of the situation and stepped on toes and really made it into a bigger deal than it was. Not to mention Rebecca is upset about it too. Oh dear, we'll need God to get us out of this mess. I have prayed about it since, and will continue to do so. Why is it so hard at times?

But the good news is, I'm completely joyful :) I put my trust in God and He will give me wisdom on the situation and everything will be okay.

Hm, so yes dear friends. That's my very teenagery-sounding post. Well, I am a teenager, and I am a sinner, sometimes these things are bound to happen. It's by God's GRACE that I am saved, not by anything I did or will do. Thank the good Lord :)

With all love,


Dragonflysoul said...

i understand Sami! and believe me, it's not just a "teenagery" thing that you're feeling that way. i still feel things along those lines (selfish with people, not wanting to 'share' my friends with others) - and i'm 26! these things don't really get that much easier as you get older :-(

so i know how you feel - feeling torn between your genuine feelings of being bothered, and on the other side thinking "why is this a big deal to me??" it's one of those weird things that you can't really articulate, doesn't make much sense, other people probably wouldn't care, but you do, and it bites big time. then you start to feel like you're being mean or petty, and it makes you feel worse. uh..can you tell i've been there?! btw, my closest and oldest friend, since kindergarten, is a guy too! matters of the heart, even when just dealing with friendships, can be hurtful and hard to make sense of.

anyways, i'm soo glad that you're praying about it and trying hard to let God move in your heart. it's really not easy at all, and i'm proud of you for just laying it down before the Lord and having such a positive, joyful attitude regardless - you are inspirational. one of the great things we can trust about God is that even though we serve such a great BIG God, with so much on his plate and so many children, He still super-cares about the issues of our hearts. He understand how you feel and will help you (and me! lol) get to a point where these things become easier and not-so-bothersome.

i pray things work out well in the end and that God will help you to be stronger when faced with similar situations in the future.

meanwhile, focus on the great time you all will have at your prom!!!! when all the excitement really kicks in, and you start getting dressed and all dolled up, you won't have a care in the world :-)

Dragonflysoul said...

WHY do i insist on writing so much!?!?! i promise you i had no idea my comment was that long :-(

A Young Lady In Waiting said...

I understand totaly! Things that I have no right to get upset over bother me sometimes. This friend didn't talk to me or she spent the whole day with out even saying hello. Like you discoverd praying is the best thing to do. Something random I feel like telling you I got a job! I dunno why I feel like commenting that but oh well=]. Best wishes and prayers

graffitigirl said...

It's ok about the comment... I only posted it yesterday.

I hope everything turns out well for your prom and that your relationship with Chelsea would one too!

As for my friend it's still basically in the same place but I've been praying about it more. And I've brought it up as a prayer a couple times. If you could just keep praying for that it would be superb... Thank you

Check out my blog again soon I'm going to write another one right now! You'll like it! :)

graffitigirl said...

By the way, I meant to say that I hope your relationship with Chelsea would be a good one.

SamanthaMarie said...

@ dragonfly
Ah dang! I was hoping that once I hit the age of twenty or so, all selfish thoughts would subside. I guess I shall have to settle with continual prayer and trusting in God :) at least there is always that option :D

I think that you just perfectly stated what's going on in my brain and more importantly in my heart. I'm glad that you understand, although I'm sad that you've had to go through something similar. Aren't guy friends just swell :) I've known my friend since second grade, so you have me beat! That's so fantastic that you've known him for so long and are still super close with him.

Thank you for all your prayers and kind words, REALLY. You have no idea how much I appreciate a new comment from you, I always know it will have wise words or something funny :) And I don't even care how long the comments are!! In fact, I love long comments :D

Now I shall go get caught up on your blogs since I'm sure you've written some since I've last been on. Cheerio deary! :D