Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm happy

Today, was absolutely GORGEOUS, we had perfect weather. There wasn't a cloud in the sky all day. The temperature was a warm 75 degrees. God's creation was breathtaking to me today, not that it isn't always... but the beauty of a sunny, warm day speaks to my soul. The picture is the sky I see from my backyard as the sun sets. I completely forgot to take a picture of the beauty of mid-day, but that can be rectified tomorrow when we have the SAME weather!! (My soul is squealing with excitement.)

Today was rather productive. I finished one of my scholarship applications and got the rest in order so that I can finish them up later tonight or tomorrow. I bought my graduation dress at JC Penney's, it's super adorable :) I might take a picture and put it up later, or I might just wait until graduation day so you will get the full effect of my excited face :D I also went to Christian Gift and bought A Young Woman's Call to Prayer, because I definitely need to focus more on my prayer life and I bought God's Story (ESV), it's a version of the Bible in English Standard which is supposed to be really close to a word for word translation, even more so than KJV... at least that's what the guide to all the translations said :)

The rest, as they say, is history. I spent my afternoon doing some reading for English, hung out with my parents in the backyard, read some blogs, and plan on spending some major time with God after I finish up this post! :) I truly do love my life. I am beyond blessed.



Dragonflysoul said...

that is a beautiful pic! sunsets always always always make me feel like i'm staring right into the eyes of God. His creativity is endless and no less than remarkable.

i'm glad you're enjoying the spring weather. we had a few gorgeous warm days last week also and i loved it! it was almost 80 deg. on friday. (except i have horrible allergies and was a sneezy mess). but as weird as DC weather is (maybe in your town too), it's kinda cold today - only getting up to 50ish. but the sky is still sparkly blue!

i hope things are well with you! :-)

SamanthaMarie said...

Sunsets and sunrises feel like little gifts of God's love to the world each day. They warm my heart and soul. That's why I despise cloudy days ;) But even then His creation is fantastic, so I can't complain too much.

It is in fact freezing now... well in the 40s and 50s which is freezing when it reached 78 degrees over the weekend. Man the weather is out of control this year!!

I pray all is well with you dear!! <3

graffitigirl said...

You're like me, I'm just loving this Spring weather!! Here where I live in Canada it's about 64 (64.4 exactly, I used the converter thing cause here we use celsius). And that's some seriously pleasing weather for me at least, maybe it would be so much for you but I am happy. The hottest days for us in the summer might be like a around 90s, I don't know how compares with you...

About two years ago I wanted to get into skateboarding... but that didn't fly too well. Basically I didn't practise enough and sucked because of that. But I think I might try again this year! I've been biking a lot lately too because it's nice.

I'll definitely be praying for your friend. I don't know your situation I would would just say hold on to her as best as you can, especially if she means a lot to you!

Good to be back again for today at least, feels like I haven't been on in forever!