Saturday, April 19, 2008

Life is... beautiful (:

Every day life is a bit more amazing. Every day, the gifts I unwrap become more spectacular. Every day, God is closing my eyes and opening my heart.

It's true what they say; it's better to give than to receive Today I gave one of my best friends a spiritual birthday party She's five years old in Christ. I got her balloons, a card, took her out to dinner and a movie. And it was lovely. The smile on her face was fantastic. That's the best gift I've gotten in a long time (-:
Tonight I danced with my dad to a song that was on Footloose. It was fun and there were tears in his eyes. My time here in this house is waning, I need to remember no matter how excited I am about college; I will be leaving my parents behind and that hurts them (let alone me.)

I want to dance, breathe, touch hearts, smile, laugh until I cry, move mountains, be broken, work hard, spread the love of Jesus Christ, and live life for God. My way is not of the world, but dang it, it's the best life!


Dragonflysoul said...

aww Sami - that made me feel all tingly inside :-)

what a wonderful birthday celebration you gave to your friend. i know it is something she will never forget. to make someone else's heart smile and dance with joy is one of the greatest gifts ever.

and dancing with your dad!! that is the sweetest thing. i know your parents will miss you terribly when you leave for college, and that you'll miss so much too. i'm going to pray your and their comfort in these coming months. but i know, just in those moments of being "Footloose" with your dad, that you touched him more than you know.

thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.

graffitigirl said...

Man, I've never had a spiritual birthday party. Sounds like fun, I'm sure your friend had an awesome. I'd becoming a Christian just for a party like that(Kidding!)

I don't know if your dad does that type of thing often but dad is definitely not a dancer. The only time he's ever danced with me was at my gr8 grade because I begged him to... I've never asked again since then but maybe when it gets closer to when I'll be leaving I'll ask. This reminded me of the song Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman, heard it?