Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trip Review and other randomosity.

Well, I got back from Boise two days ago. It was a WHOLE lot of fun. I love getting away from the valley and experiencing something else for awhile. Plus, in about four months I'll be living in Boise, so it was nice to get even more experience driving around there and figuring out where things are.

My lovely best friend, Rebecca, and our other close friend, Heather left about 10:00 in the morning. We listened to some good music on the way down there including a newer band, Cadia, I recommend them if you haven't yet had a chance to listen :-) We stopped in McCall for lunch and ended up in Boise about 4:30 there time. Had dinner at Red Robin that night, it was delicious. I chatted with my auntie Janice until 11:00 (we were staying at her house) and then fell dead asleep, driving really does take energy, I promise! :-)

Saturday we got up and drove to Kohl's. The girlies found a couple of things to buy, then we went to Maurice's and I found a cute shirt. Then it was on to the mall! One reason we went down there was so Heather and I could find our prom dresses, and we did!! :) Mine is an olivey green color, it's REALLY pretty. After prom (which is May 3rd) I will post a picture of all of us so you can see all three of our pretty dresses :) After shopping for about... five hours we went back to my aunt's house and watched Enchanted. Oh my goodness! I love that movie. It's such a happy, feel good movie!! We also watched The Hills. It's one of Rebecca's favorite shows. It completely SHOCKS me how they live their life. We were having conversations through-out the whole series about how they look so unhappy, even when they are smiling. I think praying for them would be a good thing for me to do... I can't be the one to tell them about the love of Christ, but I CAN be someone that prays that someone will tell them.

Sunday we went to the church I might end up going to when I move. It's Calvary Chapel and it's pretty big (at least for a girl whose biggest church service has been 250 some people) I'm really praying hard about going to the church that God wants me to be, I've never had a church home and would love to have one while at college. The rest of the day we spent chatting, watching movies, and doing homework. (Yes, the evil teachers gave us homework! How rude ;) hehe!) We have so many weird random inside jokes. I love that! We took some really goofy pictures and I just may post a few once I get them uploaded!

Monday we did even MORE shopping. First we went downtown and I drove them past BSU's campus and then we found a parking spot and did a whole lot of window shopping. Shops downtown are EX-PEN-SIVE! We ended up going back to the mall so we could find matching graduation shoes and found the perfect pair for all three of us at JC Penney's :) They are white, with a small heel, very cute. Now the three of us will have matching shoes and lei's! I'm very excited for graduation!

Tuesday we came home and I was exhausted by the time I crawled into my very own bed. I'm so thankful we got to go and that God kept us safe the whole time. That drive can be pretty dangerous, plus it was in the lower 30s all while we were down there and so the roads were questionable, but our Father took care of us :) I started to get sick AGAIN, but I slept a lot and I feel completely better today, I think I was just fatigued.

Went back to work last night. It was actually not too bad. I was thinking I would dread it the whole day and then have a bad attitude, but I spent time in prayer and praise and God changed my attitude to one of Jesus :) I love how going to God with our problems can make things... better, not perfect, but He just fills us up with His love and we can continue facing everything. It's truly refreshing. Prayer is so powerful, I'm learning that more and more. Work was interesting in that the person who stole still hasn't been caught so we all have our privileges taken away, it makes the job kind of difficult. I just gotta keep praying for resolution and for the person who did it.

Sorry if you read that whole entry. It was kind of more for my memory than anything else, but if you did read this whole thing then thank you for your time! :-) Now tell me, how have you all been?!!


Dragonflysoul said...

sounds like you all had a great trip! it's so much fun to travel and spend times with good friends - it's rare to have that kind of closeness and it's truly a blessing for you all.

congratulations again on your upcoming graduation!! aaah, such magical times :-) i really miss that feeling of excitement and nervousness before heading off to college. it's going to be a wonderful experience for you!

i pray there is some resolution to the problems at work too. prayer IS powerful and it's fab that you take the time to seek God for these things - He will, in His perfect way, work things out. i love your positive attitude - hold onto that!

welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Good luck finding a church home. There's nothing like it.

graffitigirl said...

Man, I should probably work on getting my license... trips like that would be fun, except gas is expensive.

I'll pray for that person at your work too and definitely before going to a college I might suggest just checking out local churches of the area, especially if it's not a Christian school!

ps how did you put those links to other blogs on the side panel of your profile?