Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hey friends :D

This past weekend was fantastic. I had a lot of fun, and the best part is I didn't even do much! Friday night I worked until 9:00 but my friend Rebecca visited me and we decided to go on a walk after work.

We passed a fire hydrant and just had to take a picture with it!! ;)

We ended up walking to a store a mile or two away from my house and then ended up calling a friend to pick us up. I had shin splits from running Wednesday night and thus was in pain. It was fun and we talked a lot about the future and college. It's good to know somebody is in the same boat as you are and is experiencing the same emotions.

Saturday I worked the morning shift and had a fantastic time. I love my job, I wish I could take it with me when I move... anyway.

I got home and did a few chores then my bestie CaseyMay came over so we could start our sleep-over fun! :D We talked a LOT, cooked dinner, set up her new and amazing blog!, went and had milkshakes, laughed a ton (so much tears came out of our eyes), had silly discussions, serious discussions, and I just felt so blessed.

These past two nights showed me what true friendships are. They don't have drama. They don't have to be drunk. They don't have to talk about things of the world. True friendships are the ones where you can pray with your best friend before bed. True friendships are taking goofy pictures. True friendships are all about discovering new things, good and bad, and loving each other just the same if not more. A true friend will laugh with you, even at random nonsense such as popping out of a cow to surprise your parents (don't ask.) And a true friend asks you how you are... hears your fears and your hurts. And listens and loves.

I'm beyond blessed for my life- my friends, ma familia, and my past, present, and future. I praise and thank God for all that I have.

Oh and most importantly... Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mother. I love you dearly!!


CaseyMay said...

Oh my dearest SamanthaMarie, that blog was SO encouraging and blessing me in so many ways (and the cow thing made me laugh just as hard as it did last night). I am so blessed to have a best friend that prays with me, for me, and encourages me and laughs and cries with me. That is unselfish and always willing to serve and who loves me unconditionally!

I love you!!!!! *hugs*

graffitigirl said...

You are definitely blessed! I checked Casey blog just a little while ago and I'm looking forward to more posts... you can tell her that but I also left a comment for her.

Please keep praying for me :). I love knowing that someone like you that has never even met me cares enough just to pray. It's great, so thanks again for that and I'm praying for you too.

I kind of want to ask what that one thing was about but I'm guessing that it's an inside joke, so it doesn't need an explanation. And so true everything that you wrote about true friends!

Dragonflysoul said...

you and your mommy are twins! :-)

it warms my heart to see and hear of your bestfriend fun. to be able to laugh, cry, talk about anything or nothing, and pray together - what an amazing blessing!

CaseyMay said...

I just have to say one more thing! :) We are so made for eachother! I look at our pictures and just think, yep, we're besties for life and we so look the part!

I am so stinkin blessed and SO excited to bless your socks off on the 24th, i think it should get here ASAP! Where did you say you were hiding the time machine? lol jk


graffitigirl said...

By the way, the first thing that came to mind when I saw the first picture of you and Casey was hey, there's a person I can relate to!