Saturday, May 17, 2008

Titles can be so redundant

Ha, so a quick update for those of you that were praying with me...
I actually ended up with an A on my math final (this happens to me quite often... I freak out thinking I did horribly while I really did just fine. I'm silly to say the least.) And I'm still sick, but it's just a cold that is slowly going away. AND the financial problems... I realized that probably sounded like I was going into severe debt, which I'm not. I just learned that I may not be getting the $600 check thing the government is handing out because apparently a lot of people my age aren't. And I had been planning to use that money for a few things (i.e. my laptop). I can still pay for everything, but I just won't have any extra spending money.

Other than that...

I saw Prince Caspian last night. Woah. All I can say is that if you only see one movie this spring/summer, choose that one!! It's superb. I was bawling at the end and yet so happy and excited thinking about how God's plan is always perfect. It wasn't based off of Revelations or anything, but the movie got me so excited for the Rapture, am I morbid? I don't want to give too much away, so I will save the huge post I have planned that relates to a lot of the movie for later. That way I won't spoil anyone's fun (:

Annnd. I'm really tired. Colds do that apparently. So I might go take a nap, or I might go hang out outside, or I might go running. :D

I pray you are all having lovely weekends! And I plan on adding a more thought-provoking post than this one a little while later.

Samantha (:


graffitigirl said...

Ahh... In some of my older posts I didn't have great titles and now looking back, I'm thinking what was that one about anyways. So now I try to include at least some description in the title.

Good stuff on the math by the way. I was excited when I saw your comment. I'll have to read the other after I write this. I'm getting addicted to this place, I swear.

My brother saw the movie last night my my dad's youth group. I think he loved it. My church is sending another shortterm team to Papua New Guinea this summer and they're going to do a fundraiser with the movie so I'm waiting for that. I'm going to invite my friend that I'm praying for to go see it with us because she loves it!

And I'm right with ya on the tiredness. If we had a competition today, I would have beat you. I got up early this morning to check this because I knew I had unread comments but I couldn't read them because my Internet was down last night. (I'm embrassed to say that it practically killed me). Anyways, other than for food, I have been sleeping on my couch all day.

I hope you like gigantic comments.

graffitigirl said...

I meant she loves Narnia when when I said "she loves it". Which is so sweet! It's like the gospel in disguise.

Dragonflysoul said...

yay for your A!!! and glad to know your financial situation isn't anything detrimental. but i know it's a bummer when you're counting on some extra dough and it doesn't come through. so i'll still be praying for the Lord to make a way! :-)

i hope your cold gets better and soon! *hugs, warmth, love*

A Young Lady In Waiting said...

Congrats on your your math final!
I can't wait to see "Prince Caspine". I've heard it was totaly differnt from the book though, is that true? I still want to see it even if they did change it abit.

Many prayers for you


CaseyMay said...

Responding to your comment ;)

I know we both have a lot to say in regards to leaving but I am saving that for August 14th because once the tears start they won't stop for awhile. But I know I am so loved by you and you by me. *hugs* and can't wait to read your next post!
Love you googley-bear!
~standing on His Promises~

graffitigirl said...

Sorry about being a bit of a downer yesterday...

Mackenzie said...

So Prince Caspian was good? I'll have to check it out!!


graffitigirl said...

I love ya!