Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Today, I'm sad.

The End.


graffitigirl said...

What's up Sam? Is something going on, or is it just a mood thing?

I think I get what you mean with your friend. You have know idea how badly I just want a friend to be able to pray with.

I definitely know what the distance is like I only I have one friend that I've really kept in touch with this past year after she's gotten married and moved to Saskatchewan. I just call her whenever I get the chance, but it's hard cause it's a different time zone and stuff. Find a good church while you're in Boise because I'm pretty sure it's not a Christian University.

Well gotta go,

Dragonflysoul said...

why are you sad, amiga??? :-(

whatever the case, i'll say a special prayer for you to be lifted back up again.

thanks so much for your beautiful heart and for your comfort and encouragement. stuff got a little rough for a minute, but things are well now. nevertheless, you are always such a source of smiles and encouragement. you bless me so much and i thank God for you. (i left a comment to you all on my page)

may your heart be lifted today and may you feel the peace and presence of the Lord in your sadness. my thoughts are with you :-) if you want to talk about anything, i'm hear and i'll joyfully take you up on your email offer!!