Sunday, December 28, 2008

Confessions of a Teenage Christian

I have been living the boring Christian life. I'm not being blasphemous, I'm being honest. There is a very wide, giant, apparent line between living a vibrant, sold-out Christian life, and living the safe, boring Christian life that I've been living. That so many of us live.

I've decided to tap-dance, bunny hop, spin, walk, crawl, roll, run across the line that separates me from living a safe life. There will be tears and blood. This year, my "New Year's Resolution"... I'm praying to be pushed, shoved, pulled, yanked, dragged to my limit. I want to be beyond exhaustion, sobbing, barely breathing. And then? I want to go beyond my limit. I want God to shatter any limitations. All things are possible with God right? Why don't I start living that verse in an extreme way?

I have no idea what this is going to look like. I'm not sure what limits I think I have. I'm not sure what is going to break me. And I'm not sure what form God's help will come in. But battles will come and with it comes help. The help of a MIGHTY Savior.

Complacent is the big yellow, green, pink neon sign flashing above my head. And I'm ashamed, tired, sick of that sign and the obvious truth it holds.

My heart is not dead.

So why do I live like it is? I'm still breathing. The heart is still beating. My soul still yearns. My mind still dreams. My body still moves.
I still believe in passionate romance, and I'm not afraid of it.
I still believe in deep relationships with God, friends, family, and strangers. Connections that make no sense.
I still believe in pain that needs to be met, and I have hands and feet to meet those needs.
I still believe in God. A God that moves mountains people! A God that death itself cannot beat. A God who beats down the devil. My God reigns on high. My God takes care of His people. My God is passionate. The God we serve does not fit into the confines of a box, so stop trying to place Him in one.

I want conviction. I want passion. I want chains to be broken. I want the true freedom of the Cross, not the pretend freedom so many of us live. There is more. A sacred romance meant to be lived between God and His people. A grand adventure that He wants to share with you, with me, with everyone. Death has been conquered, so we need to stop being zombies. To die is gain, and you know what that gain is? CHRIST. Have you met Him? I'm hoping to encounter Him in amazing ways, starting this moment.

Bring it on.


graffitigirl said...

That's a great plan! And I think that as long as you stick to it even when it's really hard God, the One you described, will do amazing things with you.


graffitigirl said...

And always keep in prayer!

åslaug said...

I'd love to roll with you (over the line). Bring Him on =)