Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Urge

I've been feeling the urge to type up a new blog post.

So what do people talk about when they have nothing to say (or have stuff they want to say but can't... (which one do you think I am [if you are guessing the latter you are probably correct] let me know!)) :D

People talk about the weather!!

Where I am it's been a wonderfully odd mixture of sun, clouds, warmth, and rain. Apparently soon it might be snowing.
How's the weather in your neck of the woods? (:

You should tell me ;)

If you are a lurker and I do not yet know you, drop me a line and let me know about the weather in your parts. I'd love to meet you (:

Blessings and Love,


Ash said...

I felt adventrous today so I made cuppycakes I'd never done. One batch was chocolate with peanutbutter chips topped with chocolate frosting combined with melted peanut butter chips. The 2nd was chocolate with caramel swirls. Then I poked holes in the top and filled them with more caramel.

I am from Kentucky and go to Kentucky Christian University. The weather here is sporadic. It was 40s today and should hit 70 this Saturday. My name is Ashley and I graduate college in 60+ days.

Sarah H said...

I live in Texas so the weather in perfect right now. Not to hot but not to cold, a breez is blowing and I feel wonderful. This is my first time to vist your blog and I like it!

Jessica said...

Hey Samantha!
Thanks for commenting on my blog!

I meant to award you all of those award the other day, but I think I missed you. I don't feel like going in and editing and everything, but you can go ahead and grab any of the awards you don't already have and I will link to you on another day.

I gave you a long comment over at my blog about calligraphy and dip pens so you can come and check it out whenever!

God Bless!

Miss Serenity said...

Today's weather? Well, today we've had sun in the morning, rain then hail in the afternoon and now we've got clouds. Apparently God wanted a little variety. :)


Ash said...

I adore living in Kentucky. There is just something remarkable about the way that we get all four seasons and there's just something beyond description for the late summer rains. I am moving from Kentucky come the end of summer. It isn't because I loathe the place or the familiarity, but really because through fasting and prayer, God revealed to the best friend and I that He wants to use us in Indiana at the end of summer. We are already working at the camp that I interned at for this coming summer.

But apart from that? I have no honest clue. I will graduate with a degree in children's ministry and I will continue school for a masters, but I don't even know in what yet. But, I do know that it will be tuition-free because I completed my undergrad here. I am excited about it.

I'm nervous, scared, nauseous about it all at the same time too. Thank God from things such as 1 Peter 5:7 and reminders like Matthew 11:28-30.

Dragonflysoul said...

the weather is going to be in the 70s this weekend!!!!! 60s today! i'm so excited. we just had a near blizzard earlier in the week with several inches of snow on monday. but all of that should melt quickly with all the sunny warmth that's coming!

i hope you got to go home hun :-) thinking of you...

graffitigirl said...

The weather around here is nearing the 40s and it's getting sunnier all the time (I hope the snow doesn't come back). But something that no one's really addressed so far is the "latter" of the two options. Is there something on your mind that you wanna get out or something?

I haven't read your newest post yet so maybe you say something to it there :S