Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello Spring Break

Hello Spring Break,

You are my new, yet very old friend. I'm not quite sure why we go so long without seeing one another. But each time we get together I feel refreshed and overjoyed. It's like you are a comfort friend, one who lets me rest, laugh, cry, play, go crazy, be sane, anything that I need you let me do it. Sometimes we spend our time together in warm areas, sometimes cold, sometimes rainy. Thus far we've seen a lot of rain. We always enjoy time with family and friends. The time we spend together seems to be busy. For instance we've already gone to two concerts, seen some friends, and spent a lot of time with my parents. And the rest of this week is only going to get busier!

Thank you for the time we are spending together. I hope I can appreciate and enjoy your company while it lasts.



Savannah Nichole said...

Have a great spring break~!

graffitigirl said...

Hmm. Well, it's been pretty clear where I am lately. Except for today. I woke to find red sky, and of course you know what that means. Sailors take warning. There was rain today.

Speaking of concerts, Anberlin is coming to Canada sometime in June. They're one of my favourite bands and it's the day before my birthday. I might go with some friends even though they're playing as a side band, because when do they ever come to Canada?!

Anyways, have a good day lady!

taekwondochick said...

Hi Samantha. I was just going to let you know that I tagged you for a meme. Hope you've had a great break!

Grace said...

I hope you have a lovely spring break!! :D

graffitigirl said...

How are you doing Sami? I haven't heard from you in a while.

Dragonflysoul said...

hey beautiful lady - i was thinking about you. i hope things are well!

:-) hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Samantha!! this is my first time to you beautiful blog. I love the bckground of your blog, as I certaintly LOVE the spring.

god Bless,
Laruen ANn