Monday, November 10, 2008


Writer's block is quite a wretched thing.
Words float around in the brain, eager to be placed in order on paper (or... on blogspot ;) Thus far, my brain has not been able to communicate well with my hands in order to make this happen.
I think I know why.
Sometimes, I wonder why God cares so much.

But... a quick update:
-I taught the toddlers in my church yesterday, it was GREAT (: I love little kids!!
-I went to Disney on Ice with my auntie and her grandson (the best little boy EVER!!!), it was great. I love being a little kid ;)
-I fly home in ten days.
-I have lots of homework to accomplish between then and now.
-I'm jogging/walking with hopes of running again (:
-I am the epitome of a dead broke college student. Donations can be sent to... ;)
-I'm fasting breakfast and dinner today, and all day Wednesday. I would love your prayers as Wednesday will be my first time doing this. And I know it says we should not fast as the pharisees do, but I'm really not asking for your prayers for attention. I believe Satan wishes us to feel like we can't tell anyone when we really do need the encouragement and prayers from other believers. We are a body for a reason (:
-Life is overall good. But I'm dealing with a lot of past issues (or... not dealing) and Jesus is trying to clean out my heart. It's a painful process. But I REALLY am joyful and I REALLY am thankful (:
<3Lotssofloveandprayerss you bloggies!


åslaug said...

We surely are a body for a reason, Samantha. I just read this now, but I hope your fast was a good experience. I did my first all day fast a saturday a few weeks ago =)
Satan is wrong. He's the liar after all (John 8:44), we believe in the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE =) Glory to God for you seeking Him, Sam =)



åslaug said...

Oh, I'm back.
I think you answered your sigh of "why God cares so much" in your next line;
He love little kids =)

He loves me & you, two of all His little kids. I'm happy about that (no, really, I should be delirious!!)

Another thing, I don't know why you're not running, but I'm wishing you luck and asking for an all too simple advice; I want to run; what do I do?