Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I need to take a break from the paper that I am writing. So, I'm going to capture some of my college moments for you bloggers with pictures from my cell phone (:

This is where I sleep every night. It's typically not that pretty looking, don't let me fool you (:

This is where I do all my homework, unless I am in the library... speaking of the library...

I have found quite a lovely place to do my hardest work, it's peaceful, very quiet, I love it (: Plus it's on the third floor and after 21, 3 is my favorite number!

In fact, before the library closed I was working diligently on my five-page+ paper for Western History, good times!!
College is NOT all work and no play (it's a lie they try to scare you with, I promise!) Me and my girls have fun...

We bake cookies, and they are absolutely delicious :D

We take crazy pictures in bathrooms!

We play with ponies and elves (:

Football games are a must.

Getting free coffee from Dutch Bros. is a talent (: one I have mastered, yay me!

Sometimes we get owies (I take care of people, don't worry! ;)

We make yummy caramel dipped apples.

We get stuck in rush-hour traffic :P

AND we gets to play with animals :D

College is the life for me. I am certainly blessed. Oh yes (: Hope you enjoy pictures from my life!