Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Powerful Video


Stepheny Weaver said...

Dearest Sam,

I was "catching Up" on your post below. Oh, how i wish I could tell you everything... all the encouragement I want to give you and all the things I want to tell you, but I will wait until you send me a letter, because if I do it in a comment 1 some things might be private, and 2 my internet would turn off! lol :)

I am praying for you EVERY chance I get! I will be praying for you as today is Wed. and I know that that must be hard to do!

God still has a plan for your life.... don't ever forget that, no matter how much pain or suffering you go through.... that is just God's way of molding us. :) I don't always understand why either, but believe me- it is TOTALLY worth the wait!

I wish I could write more but I have some chores to do, so I will let you go!



Esther said...


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Dragonflysoul said...

ok, i hope that although NO ONE has commented on the awesomeness of this video, that they still watched it. this is something we all need to see, hear and soak in. THIS WAS PHENOMENAL!!!

thanks so much for sharing this Sami. :-D i appreciate it. i appreciate you.

Jessica said...

That was powerful. I'm still thinking over it.