Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Talking is apparently a trend in my life.

In the course of two days I have had three... Three emotionally draining, completely uplifting, absolutely necessary, life changing talks. With three different people. Apparently, talking to me has become a trend in my life. So, if anyone feels the need to hash it out with me right now, go for it. Seriously, I'm all eyes :D

I haven't had such raw and real conversations with these three people in such a long time (ever for one of them.) It was so refreshing. Refreshing to know that people really do want you to be honest. Refreshing to hear the truth and be okay with whatever the truth is. Refreshing to be able to tell someone about your relationship with God even though that wasn't the initial point of your conversation. Refreshing to talk about anything and everything. Refreshing to be raw and real.

Relationships are so vital. I often think that if I didn't have friends or family I would be fine, because I truly value my alone time. But I'm learning, that when I talk to people and actually talk about my feelings my outlook on life, my relationship with God, my whole disposition is so much better. Apparently, our dear Heavenly Father knew what He was doing when He gave us voice boxes (: (and ears! Ears are good tools to have for that whole conversation thing :-D)

The only thing missing is my best friend :( I've been thinking a lot this week that if it's so hard right now to be apart for a mere seven days, how hard is it going to be when we are hundreds of miles apart? I know our friendship is invaluable and that we will be best friends for life. But I'm truly going to miss being able to walk to her house in 7 minutes. I'm going to miss late night talks under our Creator's beautiful sky. I'm going to miss our monster hugs that make me feel better no matter what I'm going through. I'm going to miss being able to call her and tell her that I need her and her being able to drop everything and be there for me in person in no time flat.

Life is changing, and sometimes I wish I could push a giant pause button. But apparently, I can't.

And yet, I will be running after His heart,


Paige said...

Thank you, Samantha, for the sweet comment on my post! Finding that new background was easy, but that new header took me awhile to make the other day. So glad that's over and glad you like it.
I loved your post. Sometimes I agree with the whole thought of knowing no one and having no relationships therefore being able to keep to myself and never having to worry over saying the wrong thing or hurting the people I care about. I know that is wrong, though. Honestly, I use to be so quiet and never in a million years did I think I would have anything to say. Sometimes I desire to go back to such a time. The reality of it is though, that it is good to talk. It is good to listen to others and respond. I may not always have the answer, and I am by no means a chatter box now, but I certainly don't mind listening to others and offering some words. I found friends in complete strangers and it amazes me that people actually remember me. Names can slip from my mind easily, but a face is always a quick reminder of how kind that person was when they said..... or did.........
God puts so many people in our lives and it is a shame that we can take so many for granted. I was so concerned with finding a boyfriend and getting married that I ignored all the friendly people around me for a while. I was overcome with joy when I began to realize the very people in front of me. I even rediscovered my family and myself. Go figure- who knew I could be so blind! :) Duuuhhh!
I am sorry you and Casey are hurting right now. I never had a best friend to miss. Sounds awful, I know, but it's true. You and Casey are so blessed to have one another. As hard as it may seem to not have the luxuries y'all have now (calling one another right then, meeting right then, etc.), it is truly great to hear how tight your friendship is.

Paige said...

Alright, Samantha.... I was just scrolling down my blog and saw that you had left a comment on my second post about me. Girl, you are tooooooooo sweet. Sorry, I made you cringe. I'd probably have done the same had I not been there myself. As for me being wonderful...... I may not ever see it so wonderfully. I know I have a purpose, but I don't know how well I follow it. Thank you, though. You and Casey definately seem more in touch with your 'wonderful' side than I feel myself. Y'all are more of an encouragement to me than either of you know and I hope we can keep in touch no matter where we go.

graffitigirl said...

Yeah, I've had some really talks lately too. They're great, I love it when they come up because they're priceless and you get that chance to be real and ask questions that you wouldn't normally get the chance to ask in normal conversation.

Also, I've had a number of lonely days in the past couple weeks and it really emphasizes how important friends are.

PS I'm going to Belize in like two days!

CaseyMay said...

oh my sweet sweet SamanthaMarie. I can't wait to sit down with you and talk for hours about what has happened in both of our lives the past week.

I missed you so much and before I left when I asked God to break my heart I was hoping it would be for the people of Mexico, but I found out He broke my heart for you. I have so much to tell you and so many tears to shed and only 18 short days left, but I promise my dear, with God we can do this and it will be different as far as the 7 minute walks go, but I PROMISE that we will share everything possible whenever possible with eachother. God is going to bless us for following His call.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!