Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And there were lessons learned.

For it only being 9:30 in the morning, this sure has been one crazy day already. Remind me again why I woke up early when I could still be sleeping? :-P

Went running at the booty-crack-of-dawn today with Casey May (really, it wasn't that early, only 7:00, but when you are a teenager on summer vacation, it's EARLY ;)) I got a blister, she got a broken heart :( But I'll let her explain that if she wants to.

Came home, had some coffee and toast and started having my devotions. Which by the way, this would be my third day in a row, go me! I'm usually horrible at keeping a good, steady quiet time. But then I was trying to read in Psalms and the thing that has been bothering me lately (my financial crap that I have to deal with for college and changing around my classes) was distracting me, so I decided to take care of it so I could totally focus on God. I called my mom and asked for her help and we got into because (and here comes the lesson part!!!!)

She told me to call the financial office and figure it out on my own, because she wasn't going to be able to help me with this stuff all the time anymore. (Not quite so bluntly, and in a nicer tone, but I mean basically...)
Momma say what?

And that's when I realized, adulthood is really bearing down upon me. Ew. What happened to the carefree days of mud pies and slip-n-slides? What happened to money growing on trees? What in the world is that checkbook and credit card doing in my wallet? I don't wanna!!!

So in the course of about 5 minutes I went from young Sami to adult Sami. Sick. But alas, I put on my big kid pants and called the office and talked to a very nice lady that explained everything. And I also changed my class schedule around (I'm sooo excited for the classes I have and the schedule I have! :D)

But seriously, this whole on-my-own-thing. It sucks. I want my mommy and daddy to hold my hand forever!!

And then I remember...
God will always be holding my hand, every step of the way (:

Running After HIS Heart,
Samantha Marie


CaseyMay said...

Hey my beautiful bestie! Growing up is indeed not so fun but you said it perfectly, God wil be holding your hand everystep of the way. This is not easy but its worth it. Its growing pains.

Paige said...

I am so there, Samantha. You are not alone. I must say, though, as hard as it is, it is such a wonderful feeling when you overcome a hurdle. Not only are you full of thankfulness and pride in accomplishing your goal, but your parents are happy for you and thankful that you didn't give up. Just as God helped them, He will help us. We are all His children. We can do all things through Christ- remember? I have to try to remember this at all times.

Dead to Self said...

It's strange to think that suddenly another year of high school and living at home seems nice now. But then I remember why I want out so badly and get excited all over again!

I will say though it kinda gives me a point-of-view of what I'm going to be feeling next year as I prepare to move 45 minutes away (it's so far!) and leave behind this life I know now!! So thank you for making me see ahead a little...sometimes I need that reminder that I will miss them when I leave!

I'm sure you will get along you said...God will hold your hand all the time wherever you go!

Stepheny Weaver said...

Keep going! You are right- God WILL lead you and he is always holding your hand.... you don't really ever have to worry, (but we are human so we are going to!)

I'll be praying Samantha!


Anonymous said...

Just keep trying, love. You're the apple of God's eye!

Anonymous said...

It may be hard, but God will be there every mili-second of the way!! Trust Him!!


A Young Lady In Waiting said...

Hey Sammy! Its been awhile since I've left a comment on your blog, I've been busy and javen't had time to leave comments, I've bearly had time to read blogs!
I'm getting so close to the point where my Mom and Dad won't be there all the time. In a few months I'll have my own car and will be driving my self to work and to choir and conerts and anything else that I want to do. I was thinking about collage the then it hit me "I'm gonna be doing this by myself, I'll be talking to new people and having to be in charge of my self!" what a scary thought, I'll still be living at home but I'll be the one who has to answer for my own mistakes and learn to deal with things on my own (to an extent).
I hope all is going well for you! Still praying for ya sister!


Dragonflysoul said...

hi sweetums -

you can stalk me anytime :-)

i understand how you're feeling - facing the reality of not being so young anymore, yet still young, yet NOT young, lol...can be hard. i remember years ago thinking about having to be on my own, paying bills, working, etc. and it was SO scary.

but now, that fear seems like such a distant memory! the best years of my life have been the ones in which i've been out on my own - my own place, job, $$, bills, car etc. responsibility blows sometimes, but it's so rewarding! i actually WANT to do all these things by myself and my mom is always trying to "force" me to let her do stuff for me, for no reason! she even sneaks money into my account sometimes without me noticing. :-)

it may seem overwhelming now, but independence gets way better, i promise.

the Lord be with you :-)

graffitigirl said...

Hi, sorry I haven't been around lately. I can't promise anything consistent for the moment but I miss being on here. I've read all of your posts even though I haven't been commenting. Thanks for keeping up with whatever I have.