Thursday, February 5, 2009

Post 99

I did this for facebook, and thought I would share it here too :)

25 Random Things About Me!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1.) I'm really bad at describing myself. I like to think it's because I'm mysterious and hard-to-know. I also like to think it's because I have so much to discover about myself. Really, I think I just don't know how to describe myself because I'm afraid to take a look at myself.
2.) I recently realized that I have a passion for teenagers and youth in general. I really hope to start helping with a youth group somewhere and am eagerly awaiting to see if I get to work at a summer camp, part of the time I would be counseling youth.
3.) I don't like music as much as most people. A lot of people can't function without it... I can. I appreciate the beauty of lyrics, but I'd rather just read the lyrics than listen to someone sing them, I'm definitely more of a reader than an auditory person.
4.) I want to try out for American Idol. And I think April, Rachelle, Kate(?!), and I are going to do it. For fun. Although April could totally make it (: We are potentially going to dress insane or act really weird so we can get through to meet the Randy, Simon, Paula, Cara quartet :D
5.) I love email. I love letters. I love texting. I love any written form of communication. Probably far more than if I'm expected to talk. I respond better if I'm writing and have time to form a response. Talking is good, but writing I love. :)
6.) Learning is a favorite of mine. College has been amazing, so much of my learning is self-paced. I really get out what I put into it. Plus I just love the image of sipping some kind of fancy coffee with a textbook plopped open on my lap while I eagerly respond and take notes on my laptop. It makes me feel so... "mature." (:
7.) I always want to be young at heart. I love children and I am so thankful that I baby-sit for a job. Children have an insane amount of energy, and while they may wear me out I really appreciate the fact that they make me realize so much of what I worry about is inconsequential. Who needs to worry about the future when right now, you can pretend you are a chipmunk?
8.) I'm reallllly bad at calling people back and answering the phone. I don't know why. Probably because I'm a better communicator in person. Or in writing. But there are other times when I LOVE phone conversations and will talk for hours on the phone. Depends on my mood.
9.) Some of my favorite memories involve driving around with different people. Just driving. Listening to music and breathing. No words necessary. That shows some serious comfortableness.
10.) I really don't think some people understand my passion for Jesus. God is truly the only thing that matters to me in this world, and from my love from Him I love and have relationships with other people, but aside from Him I'm nothing and my relationships seem meaningless. I can come on strong as the goody-goody Christian girl, and that's okay with me. If people can see my love and passion for Jesus then that means for the most part I'm living in a right relationship with the Lord.
11.) I'm a major procrastinator, but not as bad this semester as I have been. :) I think it's mostly because I would rather hang out with people and develop relationships instead of write a five to six page paper, but all things are important in their own way.
12.) I love to run, perhaps you are laughing to yourself since I am on the bigger side. But seriously, running and me, we are buds. I love losing myself in the pounding of my feet against the pavement or the treadmill. I love especially running outside. During those moments I feel so connected with God and His creation. It's beautiful outside.
13.) I went rafting for the first time back in September. It was one of the best moments of my life. I had the best time, and I went with an amazing group of people, whom I miss dearly for the fellowship and friendship.
14.) I'm deeply relational and it hurts me when people don't pursue me. The worst thing is for me to feel like an outsider and to feel alone. Which is how I've been feeling lately. I'm not saying this in an "oh pity me" way. I think I'm experiencing these feelings of loneliness and separation for a God reason so I'm okay with it. I just hope eventually this changes. But for the moment I'm going to pursue my relationship with God.
15.) I've had a divine appointment before. It was... amazing. God does lead you where He needs you to be at the right time. If you choose to listen to His voice you will be rewarded, and His seeds will be planted.
16.) I love Christian music of any genre. I don't really like mainstream music anymore. The lyrics make me really uncomfortable, and the not so naughty songs always talk about love. Considering I don't have a boyfriend and am not really interested in love in that way those songs just seem silly to me for the moment.
17.) I recently started watching Heroes. I really like the show. It talks about God and science in the same sentence and I appreciate that. Plus there is little to no nudity, few curse words, it's action-packed, crazy, funny, and dramatic. My kind of show :)
18.) Fruit is one of God's most flavorful creations. I really appreciate fruit, it's probably my favorite food group. I'd rather eat cantaloupe or bananas or kiwis or honeydew over cookies, cake, or chocolate. Seriously.
19.) I enjoy writing.
20.) I have a couple of amazing mentors in Boise. One I meet with weekly and one I talk to whenever we both have a chance. They are amazing women of God and I so appreciate their inward and outward beauty, wisdom, love for the Lord and those around them, and honesty.
21.) Laughing, hugging, screaming, and dancing are some of the best endorphins ever.
22.) 21 is my favorite number.
23.) I love talking about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, theology, the world, sin, redemption, love in Christ, what God is doing in people's lives, etc. It's amazing. I have yet to be bored with these conversations. I hope to talk about God everyday of my life.
24.) I'm currently writing an essay on the Sixties. It's interesting. Well, at least I hope it is.
25.) It took me quite awhile to get to 25, but now that I'm here I can think of so many more things that I'd love to tell you. About how I went to Europe, I broke my arm three times, I love my parents more now than ever before. About how Impact with Synergy is one of the best things that could have happened to me while in Boise. About the amazing people I've been honored to meet and know throughout my life. About how so many of my best friends live in completely different states now. I have a story and I love it (: thanks for letting me share a bit of it with you.

I tag anyone who wants to do this!! (:


Paige said...

Hey Samantha!
I know it's been a while. I see that you've been busy! Reading your post on the pizza place has me craving pizza now. I loved reading your tag. It was very interesting. It is funny what we forget about ourselves when asked to tell what we like and what we're like. Someone asked me Wednesday what I was likeand I froze up and couldn't think of a single thing.
Anyway, I am glad to see that you are doing okay. I hope to get better about my blogging. I seemed to slip out of it for a while. I love your new look by the way. Where did you get your background?

Stepheny Weaver said...


Hey GIRL~! HOW ARE YOU DOING?????? I have missed seeing you post! So gald to read this one. I really enjoyed it!

Have you gotten time to send my letter out yet? Just wondering. No rush. I am going to send you an email though. :)


Rachel M. said...

I enjoyed reading this post. :) We are kind of alike in that I love writing probably than talking; love children and having fun playing with them. I enjoy bike riding around my neighborhood and walking and seeing God's beautiful creation; talking about Jesus and how amazing He is in all areas of life and wanting others to see Jesus in me.

I apologize if I wrote too much! After reading this post, it was so neat to see that we are kind of alike. :) God bless, dear sister! :) Oh, and I forgot. I love those divine appointments!! :D

Boise Diva said...

Ya did good on your list! I haven't been brave enough, or had enough time, to put mine together - although I think I've been tagged twice on Facebook..

Jessica said...

I'm going to do it.

Sprite said...

I'm so going to do this! Hehe :) Mind if I steal some of your answers? We definitely have some things in common!

I've always been the same way with the phone... calling someone on the phone was considered a form of punishment in my mind when I was younger. Lol! It has gotten a little better now, though...

I'm a major procrastinator, too! And I totally agree with you on the subject of FRUIT! There are many things that I agree with you about on this list ;D

And wow, I definitely see your passion for Christ... I can see God's love shining through your writing! It's lovely getting to know a sister in Christ from Idaho! Be very blessed! <3

SamanthaMarie said...

It's definitely easy to slip out of blogging, I hope to see some posts from you soon though :) Ack! How many times I've frozen up before, and it seems like such an easy question to answer lol! I got my background from I think... :D

I'm doing well, sending your letter before this week ends I PROMISE! I hope you've been well dear sister in Christ!

Haha, you wrote just the perfect amount :D I love it when we can find similarities in people. I'm glad to know that we are alike in some ways (:

Look forward to reading yours!!

I also look forward to reading yours :D And you can definitely steal some answers (: I think I actually liked talking on the phone more when I was younger than compared to now. It can be such a daunting task, I don't even know why lol! I'm eating grapes right now as I write this :) God bless you too!!

graffitigirl said...

I read this on Facebook. Nothing terribly new here. I actually stole the 25 I wrote on FB from an older post on my blog back in May and just changed some stuff because I'm lazy.

Hope you got your essay finshed up well.

Megan said...

I love written forms of communication as opposed to talking too! It seems like I never have anything to say if I talk on the phone. Heroes sounds good, I'll have to watch it sometime.