Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oregon Washington Future

I love the west coast of Oregon and Washington. It's so green. It's weird to be in a city and yet soo surrounded by forest.

Beautiful and perfect.

I never want to leave <3

And yet tomorrow begins the journey home... home is a loosely translated word. Home for a few more days, then onto a new home. A home of nothing solid, yet everything to come. My future, blank canvas, ready for that first splash of color.
Stuck in motion.
I've been thinking (not seriously) of running away for a year, to just be. Be somewhere. Be someone. Be nowhere. Be noone. The possibilities of this life, truly are limitless. Who says I have to go to college, who says I need to live a certain somewhere?
There is much to be discovered about this beautiful world. God created a breathtaking masterpiece, and I have seen only the most minute portion. I'm yearning for more.
Yearning for less.
Yearning to be content.


CaseyMay said...

You will find what your looking for...when, where, how, I do not know, but I know that you and I serve a loving God and He wants to give you the desires of your heart, and promises to.

So, now it's time to test out those wings, and FLY.

I love you.

Events In The Life said...

Hi Samantha,
I know what you mean about living in the city and having soo many trees. I go tru it every day where I live. I also agree about god's wonderful earth being breathtaking. AND WE HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN HALF OF IT!!! (well some of us probably have, BUT STILL!) Keep posting, I'll keep reading.


graffitigirl said...

I feel the same way sometimes.

Stepheny Weaver said...

Good post!

Just wanted to let you know that I posted pictures of the girly night on my blog, hope to read a comment from you~!


Anonymous said...

In weird way, I understand what you mean.


Paige said...

It can be an odd thought when thinking of a way to be perfectly content. What we may think will make us content can sometimes cause far more trouble. Yet, knowing this, I have still had the persistent hard-headedness to think everything will work out picture- perfectly no matter what. Everything does work out, but not as I always picture it.
I am not going to college. Never really planned to. While most people (and I mean just about allllll of them) seem to be disgusted with this decision of mine, I have come to realize I really don't care. I don't mean that meanly either. I just mean, God puts desires within our hearts and He lets us make our own decisons. He doesn't let go, though and He doesn't let us run the show. My decision not to go was just that- my decision. My parents supported me because they wanted the decision to be my own and would back me up no matter what. Although easier it may have been for me to go than to hear the scorn, deal with the worry of if not college- then what, things have worked out. Though not as I planned, or thought, or dreamed- it seems to be unfolding into a path far better than any of that. None of it is the result of what I thought would make me content, though- rather what God knew I needed. Apparently, He is fulfilling the needs that I have been so unaware of and some of which I was far to afraid to see to.
I think you will do great in college and with it being your own decision I am sure you will enjoy it. God has plans for each of us. It will be funny one day to think of all we worry about now and all the plans we have now that may or may not work out. The thing is, you know God has a good laugh every once in a while when He is listening to our thoughts and watching us make some of those plans. Can't you see Him shaking His head saying "What does she think she is doing!" I know He has been laughing at me lately for sure!