Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter.

Jesus is risen, He is risen indeed.
The above words have fallen around me all day and it's been beautiful to hear. The weather has been cooperating today, lots of sun and a warm 60 degrees. It makes this day of celebration even better when you can wear pretty dresses and bask in the Son outside ;)

Today in church instead of taking communion we were invited up to step into a bath of water and soak our feet as a remembrance of our baptisms (or if we weren't yet baptized we were invited to be baptized today.) It was a beautiful thing to remember my own baptism and to remember what it really means to be baptized. Christ IS the resurrection, we are living TODAY, in the here and now, VICTORIOUS because of the fact that He conquered the grave.

So, shine your light and let the whole world see, that we're singing for the glory of the RISEN KING.

Love in Christ,


Savannah Nichole said...

That sounds cool! What church do you go to?

graffitigirl said...

Indeed, Jesus is alive.