Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The itch.

I'm feeling quite an itch to crack open my college books and begin reading and preparing for this next semester. I am really excited for my classes. English 102, French 101 (I took three years of French in high school, but didn't retain much :P,) Criminal Justice 101, Sociology 101, and Spiritual Disciplines. My semester is going to be challenging, interesting, and fun.

Sadly, I had to ship my books to my address in Boise instead of my address here, so I have no books to crack open.

A passion and a desire to learn. Motivation to get started. I pray this doesn't leave me once I finally have my books in hand.


Rachel said...

I remember taking Sociology 101 last semester. It was quite interesting. :) Do you attend a community college? I attend one in my area. It is definitely different since I was home schooled since junior high. I love reading your blog by the way. I am definitely following it! God bless.

Jessica said...

I remember having similar feelings when I got new books for school. My family and I would wrip opened the boxes (I was home-schooled) and make a break for what was inside before my mother even got a peak at them. Then, we would always be in anticipation for the new school year because we wanted to use our new books. Of course, after about a week or two. It went back to being the same old, same old, and we weren't as excited to start our schoolwork for the day.LOL!

Hope your books get there soon! I hope you enjoy your studies this year!

Love in Christ,

graffitigirl said...

Man, that's how I feel about my study Bible that still isn't here yet. But it's only been about a week.

And I'll definitely be praying about your church situation.

STeoh (I'm leaving that...)

Becky said...

J'aime le francais! :o)

I took French from 7th grade through my first year of college. Can't remember hardly anything of it now...sad. I'd love to pick it up again someday. Hope your semester is going well!